Cupis is a duo based in Berlin which was formed in 2010 by the Italian improviser saxophone player Gianni Gebbia and the electroacoustic composer and performer  Giovanni Verga.
In their live performances, the duo plays both improvisations and compositions taken from their discographic works. During the years Cupis has created music for live performances and played concerts around the world. 

Cupis has released  "ànemos" a new album released between February and April 2023 thanks to the support of Musikfonds E.v:


"ànemos", objet-a, 2023 Berlin

"cupis remixes", fieldoscope, 2021 Berlin

“Logismoi”, objet-a, 2018 Berlin

“Avoiding the Sun”, objet-a, 2015 Berlin

“Prelogical Institutions”, objet-a, 2013 Berlin

Tracks on V.A. compilation:  

“Moon Faced Buddha”, on ELECTROFRAMEWORK by Various Artists, Unexplained Sounds Group 2018

“Daruma's call remix”, on Danse Macabre 2020 Vol .1, Objet-a, 2020 Berlin
"impro work 3#", on ACTIVE NOISE AREA by Various Artists, Unexplained Sounds Group 2019




25.02.2023 Morphine Raum, Berlin

28.08.2014 Concert at Sowieso, Berlin 

28.02.2015 Concert at Galerie Bauchund, Berlin:

09.04.2015 Concert at Sameheads, Berlin 

02.03.2016 Concert at Spektrum, Berlin

06.05.2016 Concert at Superdeluxe, Tokyo

07.05.2016 Concert at Pikaspace, Osaka, Japan:

02.05.2016 Concert for Butoh-Tanzperformance at Kid Ailack Art Hall, Tokyo, Japan:

Concert at Candy, Chiba, Japan:
09.12.17 Concert for “Main Off”, festival di arte e musica elettronica, Palermo Italy


10.05.2016 Workshop „New Possibilities for Saxophone and Electronics in Improvisation“ an der IASAI (Institute for Advanced Studies in Artificial Intelligence), Nagoya, Japan