ISHOTS (Sound/Video Installation on Metal Panel)
Duration: 04:09" (Loop)
Photography: Marcello Di Donato
Music and Video: Giovanni Verga
Assistant and curator: Paolo Fiorini

14-15/10/2023 Museo Preistorico di Pofi
Collective art exhibition "EPIPHYLLUM"

Video published on New Feathers Anthology in the winter 2023 issue:

In ISHOTS, a solid metal plate serves as a canvas for Marcello Di Donato's photographies which are projected onto it. Positioned behind the panel, a speaker broadcasts sound and causes it to vibrate, establishing a synergistic connection between image and sound. The metal panel itself resonates with the sound, amplifying the visual impact of the images.
Marcello Di Donato's shots are a fresco of fleeting moments, living creatures, urban landscapes, moments of revolution and transition, skeletons, hands, bodies, and people: they capture the very essence of life. The meticulous arrangement of these images and their sequence creates a surreal mosaic, where the adopted sounds contribute to evoking the fragility and complexity of the human experience.
Giovanni Verga's sound composition, based on recordings of breaths on metallic tubes and amplified objects, has been designed to intimately interact with the metal plate. Through this interaction, the plate vibrates, creating its own sonic signature that complements and enhances the projected image. This fusion of image and sound challenges the boundaries between photography, music, and sound sculpture.
Marcello Di Donato and Giovanni Verga collaborated to bring forth a work of art that captures and conveys the hidden poetry in the everyday. This multisensory experience invites viewers to contemplate and discover the beauty and depth in every fleeting moment.