"Selva" for Clarinet, tape and 8 loudspeakers

Clarinet: Nur Ben Shalom 
Composition: Giovanni Verga

"Selva" is intended to be a sonic snapshot of our present, a dark and ominous portrayal of a world where humanity finds itself overshadowed by the influences of political powers and media. This composition is an evocative commentary on the challenges and tribulations faced by a society subjugated by external forces.Embedded within the piece is a wealth of recorded material, featuring the voices of contemporary and historical politicians and famous figures. These voices are juxtaposed with the cries of a humanity in turmoil, creating a stark and thought-provoking contrast. This element serves as a reminder of the enduring power dynamics that continue to shape our existence."Selva" envisions a dense multitude of people, a disordered and chaotic mass, overwhelmed by their own primal nature. In this soundscape, the listener is invited to immerse themselves in the intricate web of emotions and complexities that define our contemporary existence.

Composed in 2023 thanks to the kind support of Musikfonds E.v.