Performer: Dustin Zorn


Totem is a piece for 2 performers, one microphone, loudspeakers and three instruments.
Technically in this piece the first performer generates feedback through a microphone and three loudspeakers placed inside a Construction Tube, a Snare-Drum and a Tom.
The performer's gestures and a midi score have been written. The midi score determines the feedback parameters such as pitch, delay, and autogain.
The performer's gestures initiate the process and the resulting feedbacks are then diffused and shaped in the listening space by a second performer.
The second performer, not on the stage, on the mixer spatializes what is generated. The spatial movements have not been properly written but agreed at the moment of the first premiere, leaving freedom to the performer's own spontaneous interpretation. The dialettica between players, loudspeakers and the acoustic feedbacks system brings alteration and colour of the sound. The assemblage of the three instruments on the stage represents a phallocentric totem.