Performer: Dustin Zorn


Totem is an electroacoustic piece for 1 percussionist on stage, 1 sound director on mixer, one microphone, 4 or 8 loudspeakers and three prepared instruments. In this work the percussionist generates feedback through a microphone and three speakers placed inside a Construction Tube, a Snare-Drum and a Tom.
The assemblage of the three instruments on the stage represents a phallocentric totem. Over the course of the piece, the performer's interactions become more deliberate, almost ritualistic, symbolizing the process of self-discovery that comes with confronting societal taboos and embody the tumultuous journey of self-acceptance. The performer's interactions with the feedback become a bold declaration of embracing one's authentic sexuality, regardless of societal norms or judgments. Through a blend of raw feedback sounds and unconventional textures, the composition encourages introspection and mirrors the tension between the reverence for totems and the allure of transgressive behavior. The piece challenges both performer and audience to engage with the discomfort of pushing boundaries and questioning norms.